Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just a few things . . .

Thanks to my friend Nancy Scorupa at Renaissance Yarns ( for reminding me to update my blog!

QUITE A YARN: I just completed an afghan today made with the softest wool-yarn I bought from Nancy a few weeks ago. I'm going to include the afghan in a gift basket I'm taking to the Portland Rose City Reader's Luncheon this weekend. The basket will also include a few autographed copies of my books and some excellent chocolates.

A cuddly afghan, a (fabulous) romance novel, and chocolate. Life just doesn't get any better than that!

BOOK HOOK: I'm still waiting to hear from my (hopefully) new editor and I thank those of you who've sent me e-mails of support and encouragement. I appreciate it so very much! As for the premise of the first book in the proposed 3-5 book series, it's tentatively titled TRUST ME and involves a secret letter, a cold case murder, a heroine who grew up in the WITSEC program, and a hero who is not at all who the heroine thinks he is.

MOVIE REVIEW: We saw DATE NIGHT last Friday. Very funny; definitely two thumbs up. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey are a great pair. There's a scene with two cars stuck together that's a riot, but the essence of the movie is that it's okay to love, and be in love with, your spouse. So many movies and books these days portray marriage as a battleground, and while marriage and raising a family is often, um, challenging, if you marry the right person for just who he or she is, love not only endures, it matures over time into something rare and precious. I like that message (thanks, Steve and Tina).

That's all for today! And hey, it's spring . . . take time to smell the flowers . . .



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