Sunday, April 08, 2007

SIGHS apparently MATTERs after all!

A couple of days ago, I received a phone call from a very nice woman who informed me my 2006 release, SIGHS MATTER, was one of the five finalists in the Romantic Suspense category of the (prestigious) Virginia RWA HOLT Medallion contest. I was both surprised and very pleased! I don't normally enter contests, but many months ago, when I received an email with information on entering the HOLT, I decided to give it a try. In checking out the names of the other four finalists, I am flattered and honored beyond belief to be included in such exemplary company:

Cherry Adair for Edge of Fear
Brenda Novak for Dead Silence
Christina Skye for Code Name: Blondie
Gayle Wilson for The Inquisitor

To final with this particular book is very sweet for me, since I wrote it while going through a divorce. I was stressed and sad, and had so much trouble getting this book done, at one point I feared I never would. When I finished, I thought it was the worst book in the world. I never wanted to see it again since it held such unhappy memories for me. But now, two years later, I can look at the book much more objectively, and in re-reading it have discovered it isn't as awful as I'd feared ;)

For the book to receive recognition from others makes me feel wonderful - not only did I finish the book on deadline, I was still able to do my job and please readers.

Thank you to the HOLT judges for granting me this very special honor and including me in such stellar company as the other ladies in this category. It means more to me than you can possibly imagine.


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