Sunday, August 02, 2009

My Bad

Forgive me, Reader, for I have sinned. It's been two years since my last blog.

Why? Well, a lot has happened in the intervening years. My older daughter, a USMC officer, was stationed in Afghanistan (she has since returned home safely!), my younger daughter graduated from high school and begins college (out of town!) in the fall, I met a very nice man two years ago, and married him (or he married me, which is even better). I still have the day job, and was promoted to Project Manager, then the company began a massive downsize, so I'm no longer a Project Manager. The good news is, I'm still employed, which is very humbling given the state of the economy.

Oh, and one more thing - my former publisher dropped my contract. While it's true, I did cry and I was depressed for a few days (okay, months), life does go on, and so will I. I'm very luck in that I have a very supportive agent and wonderful readers and a writing circle that's like a family to me, so I continue to come up with ideas and write proposals, knowing in my heart that eventually the right manuscript will cross the right editor's desk at the right time. Because in the end, that's all getting published is (pardon my dangling participle; I meant to have that removed).

I sold my first book in 2002 and it's been a learning experience ever since, and how! The up side is, I've met some of the loveliest ladies on the planet, devoted fans who write to me and share their experiences, and keep me going by telling me how much they enjoy my stories. When I do find a new publisher, it will be in part thanks to readers who've offered me so much encouragement. Saying Thank You is hardly enough, but it's all I have, so Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Speaking of proposals, I have two that I'm working on. The first is a WWII story that takes place in 1945 San Francisco. It's more women's fiction or commercial mainstream than my other books, but I love the time period and the drama, and hope this proposal sells so I can share it with you.

The second thing I'm working on is a series of books about 5 friends who first met when they were 10 years old and formed The Forget-Me-Not Club (their favorite flower and symbolic of how they always wanted to keep in touch, no matter where life took them). The first book in what is tentatively called The Willow Bay series, deals with a woman archaeologist in search of the father who disappeared on a dig when she was only 7. I've always loved archaeology, and am having fun with this storyline. Again, I hope it sells so I can share it with you!

Well, that's all for today. I'm going to try try try to post something every few days, but life being busy as it is, I'm not sure how that will work out quite yet. Yet since I have much more to say, I'll probably find a way to hit the laptop and crank out at least a few meaningful paragraphs a week.

I hope you're having a lovely summer and keeping cool wherever you are!



At 12:38 PM , Blogger Alexis said...

Good luck with your proposals and I appreciate all the effort with the blog. I'm sure it's a huge time sucker (what a way with words). Always enjoy reading (and re-reading) your books.

At 3:10 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

I just finished Satisfaction and absolutely loved it!!! I woke up this morning and decided to get cracking on all the library books i checked out and i grabbed yours (ill be honest, i judged a book by its cover, and as someone who has an intense passion for cooking and baking, chose the book with an apron on the cover) I have not left my bed in the last 3 1/2 hours because i HAD to finish this book. I was starving for breakfast, had to use the bathroom, but i did not! i enjoiyed this book so much that i got on my laptop right away and put all your books on hold at the library. (i promise to buy them eventually...but i am a poor college student) i cant beleive that avon dropped your contract. they dont deserve u! sorry for such a long comment, but i thought you would like to know how much i enjoy your writing!

At 7:38 AM , Blogger Marianne said...

Hi, Alexis:

Thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate your good luck wishes. And yes, blogging is a huge time sucker :) but that's okay. I'm actually having a good time and getting into it. So the dishes don't get done - hey, I hate washing dishes anyway!

I'm happy you enjoy my books; readers such as yourself are exactly why I write them!


At 7:45 AM , Blogger Marianne said...

Hi, Michelle:

I'm thrilled you enjoyed SATISFACTION; I had a LOT of fun writing it.

As for the book covers, they're a mystery to me. They were never consistent, which (I heard from readers) was confusing. Readers avoided my first two books because they thought the books were chick lit and not romantic suspense. And those that bought the books, based on the covers, only to find out they were NOT chick lit but were romantic suspense, felt cheated. I think books 4 (AROUSING SUSPICIONS), 5 (SATISFACTION), and 6 (KILLER CHARMS) had the most representative covers (though at no time in SATISFACTION does Ethan appear naked in an apron (darn)).

The library is a GREAT place to find new authors, and don't worry for a moment about getting my books there (especially being a college student and especially in this economic climate). I simply appreciate the fact you spend your very valuable time on one of my books. An author can't get a higher compliment than that, and that's the truth.


At 4:13 PM , Blogger Kandis said...

I just read "The Damsel in This Dress" and loved every sentence of it. I haven't laughed so much while reading a book in I'm not sure how long. But enjoy it I did. I truly hope you get a new publisher and soon, as I would like to read more of your books. I will soon have 5 of your books but plan on getting all so please keep writting!

At 7:26 PM , Blogger Brandy said...

I'll keep up the hope I see your name on a shelf at the bookstore soon! In the meantime, I have your books on my keeper shelf to reread until then. Many warm wishes and blessings sent your way.

At 2:19 PM , Blogger Marianne said...

Hi, Alexis:

You are so sweet; thanks for your kind words of support. It's very flattering to know you RE-read my books! An author really can't ask for more than that.

Take care,


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